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Économisez du temps et de l’argent en utilisant notre calculateur de peinture pour déterminer la quantité de peinture qu’il vous faut avant de commencer.


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Avis de non-responsabilité

Dulux Paint Calculator is provided as a guide only. These calculations are based on a two coat coverage for top coats with a spread rate of 16 square metres per litre and one coat coverage for preparation products with a spread rate of 12 square metres per litre. The coverage rates will vary depending on surface being coated and the particular product range such as spray paints and the Dulux Design Effects range. More information on these products can be found on the cans, by using our live chat service or by calling our Help and Advice centre on 13 25 25.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the estimate, however paint requirements may vary depending on the surface, type of paint, sheen level and colour chosen.

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